Monday, September 25, 2017



This picture is one of many I have captured in some of my travels and I will be sharing much more with all of you that have been checking out my blog. Life is all about living the moment, the little things, the big things, and the process to get you to those things. It does not matter if that adventure was planned in advance, or life just took you there somehow. This particular picture was part of one of those trips I was forced to go because all I could think of was all the work I had to do at that time. The last thing I had in my mind was taking off for almost a month, specially having to finished some taxes (tax season is no joke, no fun, but it has to be done). Anyway, needless to say, besides all of that overthinking I was doing in the back of my head, on trying to figure out why I am taking off when I have so much work to do. After all of that thinking and re-thinking, I have to admit that this was one, if not the best time of my life on this specific trip. There was a lot of camping involved and several states in two different countries. It helped me appreciate that whatever I left back home was not a necessity but what I had right in this trip and it included: My life, my appreciation for being alive and my gratitude for being one to have the privilege to travel and see other things outside my daily life and comfort zone. It was the one time after adulting that nothing matter but this very moment, this very day, this very hour, this very second! I was able to see wild bears, and other creatures I have never seen in my life (Born and raised in Dominican Republic, I only had so many choices and, thank God no snakes in this trip!) There were a lot of coffee brakes ♥, little boutiques full of charm, flowers, trees everywhere, cabins, mountains, rivers, lakes, ocean, hiking, good food, and maybe things I don't even remember but It was definitely an experience I will always be very grateful about forever.

I hope this week is a good one if not a great one for all of you!

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