Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Food • Simple Pasta Does The Job

Food • Simple Pasta Does The Job

The day I made this dish was one of those moments that happened to be your day off from work. Instead of relaxing as most people have the hilarious idea that being your own boss means endless vacations and you can close shop and travel whenever and some miraculous way the business will support itself. LOL!! (pictured rolling over on the floor...) Well that was not the case this exact day...

Instead the day looked rather industrious and so busy working from home that somehow I skipped breakfast. My stomach reminded me of it around 11:30 am and it also warned me to make up for that mistake...

So I preheated the large portion of my left over handmade pasta from last night, topped it off with shredded cheese and just like that my stomach and I were more than delighted and ready for the next part of the day.

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