Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Style • Life Is Short Get The Shoes

Style • Life Is Short Get The Shoes

These pair of cuties where gifted to me. While no longer in my life, I can not help but to remember how extremely comfortable and stylish these shoes were.

I always tend to loose control over cute shoes, but now that I am getting older and work standing most of my day, the shoe subject has become more of a conscious investment.

I am in the hunt for several pieces of shoes, not only because I want more shoes but this time I really need an upgraded shoe situation...

Even though, I really need them like ASAP, I have been taking my time to make the right decision because it will not longer be Pay-less prices anymore. I have been looking, browsing, saving and drooling over some beauties online but they need to meet my 2 top priorities and those are:

♦ Comfort

♦ Style

So...send all your best wishes my way and maybe some suggestions. I will make sure to share what I get hopefully soon.

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