Friday, September 20, 2019

Style • When the Selfie is Shady

Style • When the Selfie is Shady

Time and time again you will find me modeling my own handmade products. Needles to say, made to last with style, a touch of sophistication, elegance and of course for a handmade brand, extremely reasonable. Most of the time you can not put a price on custom design. This Black Tote Bag is one of my favorite, with chevron texture pattern, inside drop pocket and a top zipper is indeed a must have for all your whereabouts.

This one is no longer available since it sold out, it can definitely be redesign with special request. Simply sent a request directly from the website and while there check the rest of the collection.

P. S. This pic was inside the bathroom of a N.Y. City fancy hotel. Just looking cute, because, why not?!!

Happy Friday!


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