Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A Little More Pink & A Little Tanner...

Self Care | A Little More Pink & A Little Tanner

Today the day started in a beautiful, weird, scary way. What I mean by this is listed below:

1• Around 4:30 AM receiving and emergency tornado alert before my 5:00 AM daily alarm.

2• Getting up intermediately to check out the window and see what is going on. Wrapped in my warm aqua blanket, because while I had to leave the bed, the bed didn't have to leave me. 

3• Headed to kitchen to make my coffee and keep staring out the window to marvel at the power of creation.

4• Poured my coffee in my Anthro coffee mug and started enjoying my coffee while reading my daily text and soon after watching my favorite section of JW.ORG 'morning worship'.

Today was my last day of work for this week before taking a 2 work day brake to get ready for a weekend get away with a friend.

Living in Phoenix where is mostly sunny all the times which I 'LOVE!', but when is sunny all the time I am in a constant go, go, go mode with no reset button. When we have the opportunity to have cloudy, rainy days, I really enjoy them! In days like these is where I feel my body is asking for a reset time, to slow down and just concentrate on the little things. A cup of coffee, a warm blanket, to just seat and listen to the spiritual feast that has been provided to us, to admire creation from your home windows, to feel the grace and care of our God.

Needless to say, today was a great start to my day and I am very grateful to live each day and to savor the things that have been handed to us even though we do not deserve them.

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