Wednesday, December 25, 2019

1, 2, 3....

Style | 1-2-3

Each year I attend a regional spiritual convention for 3 days. This is a very important spiritual feast where you have the opportunity to dress up for the occasion. One of the requirements is modesty which I enjoy very, very much! But finding modest fashionable pieces nowadays is like going camping at a jungle with no directions!! Fortunately enough I sort of know how to sew a thing or two...=P. This particular weekend I decided to play with color but still keeping my favorite color 'BLACK' for the last day. I had a blast in this very special occasion with all my brothers and sisters and got many complements for my 3 little numbers. 

P.S. if you would like one of these designs in your closet. Please feel free to go on my website and make an appointment to have one of these made just for you!

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