Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Don't Quit!...

Mindfulness | Don't Quit

Trying hard to stay in a healthy routine when it comes to exercising. Unlike other humans, I very much dislike going to a gym, I find it absolutely hideous and extremely out of my comfort zone.

Lately I have been enjoying a new favorite YouTube channel called 'MadFit' and let me tell you, do not let the sick fit body and the cute face the instructor has, she will definitely kick your butt in no time. Her amazing simple approach with even more amazing results has me in the clouds...

With a very busy schedule on the daily is not all the time I can get to her videos but lately things are falling into place and I'm able to join the routine on a more balance way.

Let's hope it continues this way, because I am absolutely obsessed [in a good way, lol!!]  

P.S. I'm also loving her outfits =)

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