Thursday, December 12, 2019

Peachy Kisses...

Mindful Living | Peachy Kisses

These eyebrows have never seen better days!!! Love the way I hand painted them.
Make up to me, like everything else in life, it is about simplicity with a focal point. More often than not the focal point of my make up are my eyes, and everything else is very simple. For the sake of simplicity I don't even use foundation and when I do it is usually for special occasion events, specially night time scenarios. If I happen to use foundation during the day, always, always, always it is mixed with a lot of face moisturizing creams [ more moisturizer than foundation, always!! ] It just something about too much make up that makes me feel so uncomfortable, like if I am trying to hide something, instead of just embracing life as it is, beautiful and unique. 

To each it's own...nothing against it. Too much make up it is not for me. 

P.S. after watching 'BROKEN' documentary on Netflix. It has changed my look on make up to a whole  other lever. Highly recommend watching it  to learn some stuff and how greed gets in the way of almost anything.

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