Monday, June 3, 2019

Life As Pink As Possible...

Life As Pink As Possible...

Sometimes, you just get hit by certain realities that you just cannot escape. As painful as they may be, some of us are learning to just deal with them instead of running away from them. These realities when they hit you unexpectedly they tend to fog your thinking abilities, making you feel trapped in a maze, with no hope. It can include health, life or death, financial situations, etc... It's not easy to but try to make the effort to make these bad realities part of your life, to the point that they are not bad anymore but welcome them and savor them as the new norm. See them as the lessons that needed to happen in order to prepare you to the next set of realities. See them as the physical therapy to make your bones of wisdom stronger. 

Embrace those bad moments not as a blocking mountain but embrace them as a little pebble that almost made you fall, but your courage and determination helped you kick it to the side and allow yourself to continue walking on the path towards the big picture. The big picture of love, compassion and contentment.

A live full of love, compassion and contentment, no matter where, how or when...It's a life worth living.