Friday, July 24, 2020

A Lot Has Changed...

A Lot Has Changed

Needless to say...A lot has really changed! But in this through back moment, everything has changed since 2007 except jewelry and ice cream on the road. Once upon a time ( 4 months ago ) I used to be the queen of weekend getaways and ice cream was always involved, but in the new normal ice cream on the road to couch. New life, new ways, new expectations. Grateful is an understatement! Hoping all of us have a fantastic weekend no matter the trials...♥

Back then I was hanging out with all the wrong!

Nonetheless, I was feeling myself so let me live my life while you laugh!

Also, have you checked my work website? Well a lot has been updated on that too! Videos have been added, who this?....

Check it out here and videos


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