Monday, August 10, 2020

A Warm Hug and Kiss

Decor | A Warm Hug and Kiss

Often enough we forget or don't even pay attention to the little things that make live such and amazing thing. It is advised that in order to be grateful and content you have to stop and count your blessings. It is no wonder that the phrase 'Stop and Smell The Roses' is such a popular one. My smelling the roses moment is being hugged and kissed by the sun every single morning!

I could be adding blackout lining to the back of my drapes but decided not to because there is something priceless of letting the light shine through each single day and awake me up to get me ready for day day with warm cup of coffee and the reading of my daily text from the scriptures. It is indeed one of my favorite moments of the day!

Life can always get simpler and happier...

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