Monday, September 28, 2020


FOOD | Loading...



Yes, loading on coffee and tea all the time!

Coffee and tea are 2 of my more drinkable choices and of course water because you have to keep it hydrated ;)...

The Napkin on this shot is sold out but you can check other choices from my handmade napkins collections or head over my amazon shop to get the ones I selected for you. 

The coffee side of the scenario is usually medium to dark, but when it comes to tea I have one specific choice and that is my calli tea or fortune delight. These teas among other herbal products have changed my life, I am not joking whatever these herbs are made of is all good. I have noticed an tremendous change on my health, my mood and other things in a matter of days. I decided to become one of their IBO's so feel free to click on my links to take you there and taste it for yourself!

This is my direct IBO website. In order to shop from me make sure you do it with provided website:

These is another week, another day and almost October!

Let's keep looking at the bright side of things, let's keep being grateful, let's keep adding and not subtracting!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Celebrating My Uncle And His Wife!!!


30 Years of an amazing union! What a milestone!!! Work, determination and love really pays off. 
We had a great time with friends, family and ZOOM! LOL!
Happy Anniversary to Jose & Frine...♥♥♥!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Catching The Sun While I Can...


The other day I decided to get myself off the couch and go to the grocery store to get some know groceries...

While the struggle has been real to get myself motivated to find the motivation as to why eat after all; I have to say it was the best forced decision I have ever made in weeks because when I got out of the store to basically go back to the couch, I happened to look up and see this majestic ball of fire calling my name out loud. I heard it clearly, so I went and admire it for a bit and asked a stranger to take a picture of me and to make sure the sun and myself were in the picture. 

Because if you don't take photo is like it never happen...feel me? ;) 



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