Monday, February 1, 2021

Private Party Please!


Just like that we are in a bran new week and month!! I love a month that starts on a Monday is like the opportunity to start again gets upgraded for some reason, lol!

On another note...Take a look to this brand new jacket I added to my fashion collection, isn't it wonderful? It feels like a hug, trust me I am a huger and it does feels like a hug. In  this era of social distancing, this is the only hug you need right about now with this chilly temperatures here in Arizona. 

You can also go to my YOU TUBE to check out the video I made for it! It is so cute!!
While in my You Tube channel do not forget to subscribe I make videos often for each custom design for my fashion collection and if you are new here...Yes, I am a fashion designer and this is my work website. WWW.SHOPALPHONSINA.COM


Another thing none of us can ignore is that it has been pandemic mode for way too long!

If you have learned anything during this quarantine is to:
1• Have more gratitude 
2• Learn how to cook ( If you didn't already )

This second one involves a little more creativity and having to deal not just with the actual pandemic but the fatigue that comes with it, it is leaving many of us with less than a desirable attitude to be creative. It took some of us a little while to adjust to this situation and as a designer myself the inspiration was just out the window and it was replaced for the couch, bed, and floor in that order...

The good news is that it doesn't end that way! I recommend to get up, make something simple like a bowl of rice with some sliced tomatoes and avocadoes, sprinkle some salt and pepper with a tiny splash of vinegar and you my friend have a delicious and nutritious meal to keep you going. You never know this small little move might keep your cooking inspiration going. 


A tiny little corner filled with nostalgia. 


If you can't go to nature bring nature to you



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