Monday, October 11, 2021

A Moment In Between

[ It's the colors and palm trees for me!  ]

There is something about Fall that is just so interesting to me. Where I am from, Dominican Republic, we do not experience season changes like here in The United States, you can barely enjoy a nice breeze when is Winter time but other than that HOT + HUMID it is. I guess a very honest comparison will be Miami, FL. 

When the time comes to enjoy Fall here in Phoenix, AZ is just a very nostalgic and almost romantical experience. The transition of the leaves changing and a nice crisp bite to the air, are indeed nice things to enjoy, specially after a blazing hot Summer.

I rarely walk around the neighborhood but the other day was just too beautiful not to go outside and enjoy the beautiful sunset we have here in Phoenix, AZ. It was a very relaxed, spontaneous walk with my mother and it was exactly what the soul needed.

I am so looking forward to more moments like this if time allows it, not only to enjoy the moment in between seasons but also some warm drinks by the fire.




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