Tuesday, November 9, 2021

The New 'Me Time'

Life is just so full of interesting things that can really shape your future to whatever you want it to be in a positive way.  As we all know there are all sorts of people, personalities, attitudes, etc, etc, etc... But, the challenging part is that is up to each one of us to take advantage of all the beautiful things life has to offer.

The fact that is really up to us is what makes it exciting but a lot of work is involved in that process.

This really does not mean that you are not allow to take a moment for yourself and recharge, or take advantage of the famously called 'ME TIME'. 

Before I use to think that if it was not going to be at least one entire day a week dedicated to me time, then it was not me time at all. But, as life keeps changing and the way they days are just flying by, it is almost impossible for some of us to have the privilege of an entire day of me time unless we are on vacation mode. 

I remember a friend mentioning to me a while ago, Alphonsina, this is the new normal. And she was not far from the truth. Lol!

One thing that has been helping me lately is the fact that I have been embracing all of my different schedules, routines, responsibilities. By embracing I mean to accept everything as it is and just allow my gratitude to guide me and by being grateful work is just so much more enjoyable that it almost feels like my 'ME TIME'.

I am so excited about all the different things I am doing lately and even though it is a lot of work and juggling schedules, and due dates, and appointments, and clients. I am just taking the time to embrace it all. I am so thankful that I am having these opportunities now to not only learn more things [I LOVE learning new things] + [I LOVE working] but to continue growing as an individual. I have been meeting new lovely people that are so nice and have been so warm and welcoming. I have not had that scenario in a while and it just feels right, that feeling of belonging is priceless.

My 'ME TIME' is not longer a dreamed long day of pampering myself. But a compilation of small victories, small moments of joy, smiling or laughing to something you saw on the way home [Like, a wig I saw hanging from a tree the other day driving on Thomas Rd, It made me wonder what took place there? lol!!!], that cup of coffee or tea that shape your insides, the fact that you have a job that allows you not only to cover your necessities but also allows you to afford extra things big or small. 

The lesson I am trying to share here is, take a moment and look around you, look at your life and start counting your blessings. Even if you were supposed to be in the next level in life but for whatever reason it started from the bottom and you are still there... Just be grateful for the fact that you are alive and embrace everything you do have that brings positivity to your daily routines.



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