Monday, September 18, 2017

Simple Elbow Parmesan

Food • Simple Elbow Parmesan

Since my latest post last week, I have been super, super busy. My busyness includes doing the most at Also, attending an assembly in Casa Grande, AZ yesterday and getting ready to start my week and all of that while trying to fight a cold that has been wanting to put me down for months now, but I keep fighting it. If there is one thing I do not have the privilege of is getting sick.

Because of my busy days, simpleness is very important to me. I'm still a believer that the simple things, when done right...It's what matters in life. Like..if you know I love pasta (for example...and I really do!) Then, make that for diner if you want to put an extra smile on my face =). When it comes to cooking, simple recipes are usually the best way to go and pasta always does the trick. I usually go with tomato sauce, lots of onions, garlic and of course plenty of cheese. Buen provecho a todos! Yum!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sedona In Black and White

Sedona In Black and White

Sedona is a very beautiful place, if you have never been I suggest to add it to your traveling list. The Red rocks and the natural dimensions of the mountains is a show on itself. Previously I have posted the original photo here and wanted to share this version in Black and White.