Saturday, September 21, 2019

Decor • Teal Velvet Pillow Cover

Decor • Teal Velvet Pillow Cover

These handmade pillow covers by ALPHONSINA, are just what you need to give your home decor a touch of refreshment. 

Durable, washable, with bottom hidden zipper and reasonably priced...

Wait no more and check out the entire collection.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Style • When the Selfie is Shady

Style • When the Selfie is Shady

Time and time again you will find me modeling my own handmade products. Needles to say, made to last with style, a touch of sophistication, elegance and of course for a handmade brand, extremely reasonable. Most of the time you can not put a price on custom design. This Black Tote Bag is one of my favorite, with chevron texture pattern, inside drop pocket and a top zipper is indeed a must have for all your whereabouts.

This one is no longer available since it sold out, it can definitely be redesign with special request. Simply sent a request directly from the website and while there check the rest of the collection.

P. S. This pic was inside the bathroom of a N.Y. City fancy hotel. Just looking cute, because, why not?!!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Caught Between The Moon And The Sun

Nature • Caught Between The Moon And The Sun

It is impossible to imaging anyone getting tired of a beautiful sunset. While life is full of surprises, I just do not think that will be one of them. This beautiful sunset was spectacular because not only did I get the sun but also the moon if you raise your eyes to the White dot in the clouds...(yeap, right there)

This was taken while driving by around the set up of one of the biggest golf events in Scottsdale, AZ
'Phoenix Open Golf Tournament' This one was done at the beginning of 2019. 

This event is extremely crowded, lots of people walking around and flashing their luxurious toys, outfits, etc...

This shot was during the  beginning set up. It sort of represents the calm before the storm.

I am super glad I was able to capture this shot and now I can share it with you.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Style • Life Is Short Get The Shoes

Style • Life Is Short Get The Shoes

These pair of cuties where gifted to me. While no longer in my life, I can not help but to remember how extremely comfortable and stylish these shoes were.

I always tend to loose control over cute shoes, but now that I am getting older and work standing most of my day, the shoe subject has become more of a conscious investment.

I am in the hunt for several pieces of shoes, not only because I want more shoes but this time I really need an upgraded shoe situation...

Even though, I really need them like ASAP, I have been taking my time to make the right decision because it will not longer be Pay-less prices anymore. I have been looking, browsing, saving and drooling over some beauties online but they need to meet my 2 top priorities and those are:

♦ Comfort

♦ Style

So...send all your best wishes my way and maybe some suggestions. I will make sure to share what I get hopefully soon.